A Freelance Web Designer

Why I choose a Freelance Web Designer and a teacher

Because of years experience in the graphic design industry until everything got switch to web design.  An entrepreneur mainly dealt with the marketing, branding and building a list of clientele.

 A retail buyer dealing with merchandising the department stores.  

My passion is to focus on your small business, E-commerce site with payments, personal website, Blog, information website, SEO, Social Media Marketing..Maintenance.

Website maintenance is another service that I offer to my clients. Maintenance saves time and money against hackers.


"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing" ~ Oscar Wilde

You’r inviting your customers to your website and you have the best product possible with the best customer service but if your store’s web design is lousy, your online business presence is doomed. 

Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.

It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward~Oscar Wilde

If you don’t have time and experience designing, implementing your online presence then when will you have time to do it over and over again.   Your priority should be focusing on your core business.

Visual Appearance:

75 percent of users don’t click past the first page of search results, so make sure your SEO is written to the point, you will likely missing out on a significant amount of traffic.

According to a Kissmetrics study, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when making a purchase.  For retailers, shopping is the art of persuasion.

How about Colors:

when marketing new products it is another crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture.

*Kissmetrics was built to optimize marketing.  Its content aims to give you metrics that will result in actionable insights for your online business. 

1% Sound/Smell
6% Texture
93% Visual Appearance

Fortunately, there are thousands of great ecommerce templates on the web provided by different sites.  Captivate visitors by using full-width images and avoiding distraction with minimal text.

For example: Reebok online store.

Unless your website is among the top of search engine results, no one will know your site exists.

On a one to one consultation contact: wordpress719@gmail.com or call the office: 480-232-4932 I aim to respond within 24 hours

How to Maintain a website

Owning a website or blog has its responsibilities.  You can’t just upload it and forget it.  Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your site to be successful.  Just like a car, a house, our health, we all need maintenance. 

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

There are all kinds of things that need to be done when maintaining a website.

  1. With regular website maintenance your site will run smoothly.  No dissatisfied visitors because something on the site didn’t work or a link you provided is broken.
  2. Regular visitors are looking for what is new, so provide them with new and exciting information, products or features.  
  3. They are also subject to being hacked.  Using a proper website maintenance program you can try and avoid  hacked by keeping everything up to date.
  4. Updating old content should be on your website maintenance list, too.
  5. Backing up your website is absolutely necessary to do monthly.

Whether you decide to do these by yourself or hire me, it still needs to be done.

I have a question for you?

If you visit a website that is not updated regularly will you continue to visit it?  

Website Content, Images, and Keywords:

Website content will be provided by you, including images.  I will help you with the keywords.

Adding New Products:

New product updates is very important if your site has an e-commerce element to it.  I can teach you how to delete and add new product or services. 

If you are discontinuing a product, include an announcement in the side navigation will make the information available on all your pages and don’t forget the upcoming price changes would be another thing to announce.


How about Company News

Did you get a mention in the newspaper? Did someone did a review of your site or product?  This is called “social proof”.  

How about Giveaways:

Giveaway or a contest periodically is a good way to create a buzz about your site.

Did you join several social media list? 

Checking your site in regular basis is also important. 

"The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you." Tony Robbins