web designer, and a French teacher

My first job was in Kinshasa, Congo as a retail buyer and manager for a Belgium retail store, Importlux. Then 15 years as a retail buyer for a retail chain store in Ohio, Elder-Beerman Store Corporation.  The chain Stores, based primarily in the Midwestern United States, and was composed of 31 stores in eight states at the time of its liquidation in 2018, and peaked around 2003 with 68 stores and $670 million in annual sales.

After my first born,  I decided to start my own graphic design studio, Systematic Design, Inc | | Following the trend, A Web Designer WordPress719 | and now a teacher for a private school in Scottsdale.

Wherever I go, I always try to experience each city as locals do.  I try to always have a chocolate croissant for breakfast in Paris, a papaya or a mango for lunch in the Congo, I love taking walk’s in New York, eat French fries and mussels in Belgium, fish and chips in Bristol, England, Halloumi cheese and Trahana in Cyprus, fresh fish in Greece, and coffee shops in Paris, France,  Coffee shops are always appealing to me from around the world, and I enjoy happy hour with my friends in Scottsdale.

I have been in four continents, escaped two wars, and I still hope to go places. We all have a story to tell and because we tell our stories in order to live.

Everything we do or happen’s in our lives is a journey filled with lessons, joys, hardships, heartaches, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, and our purpose in life.  Oh yes, some of these challenges have tested my courage, my strengths, my weaknesses, and finally I had an epiphany, and everything became clear to me to why I am here on this earth.

My Human Languages: French, Greek, Swahili and English of course.

Growing up between cultures is tough – until I realized, I need to embrace it and bless it. Meeting different cultures is filled with ineffable joy.

My advice:
1) Start designing your future.
2) Put everything down on your list.
3) Set your goals that will get you excited.
4) Go do it.

When I am not teaching web design, you will find me teaching in a private school French, World History, Social Studies, Entrepreneurship, Global & US Economics, Health and Wellness and Photography.


If your child needs a French tutor, hire Nikki!  I would highly recommend her. My 15 year old son, a Sophomore, really, was struggling in French class.  He was feeling very frustrated, defeated and unhappy.  Luckily, his teacher recommended Nikki.  My son meets with Nikki once a week for 1 hour and oh, what a difference!  She is very patient, a good listener and really tries to figure out where the student is confused.  She breaks things down so the subject matter can be easily understood.  She is very creative too.  Comes up with some very clever study techniques.

Nikki is simply an excellent teacher.  She really cares about her students and wants them to do well.  My son feels very comfortable with her and really likes her. The best news of all… He enjoys French much more now and even got an A on his report card!  Hooray!
Merci beaucoup Nikki.  You are magnifique! ~ Rachel Winter, Happy Homes Organizer
Bonjour Nikki,
Aujourd’hui. J’ai terminé mon dernier cours. Je suis venu dans ta classe, mais tu n’étais pas là.  Tu vas tellement me manquer!!! Mon diplôme est le 29 juin, j’aimerais que vous venez!!
“It has been a real joy to team up with Ms. Causer. She worked tirelessly to design and build a fantastic website for my children’s book entitled “Theodore’s Plate.” She was patient and responsive to all my requests and revisions. I would heartily recommend Ms. Causer to anyone that is looking for a fabulous website designer!”
Stephen Wade Nebgen, Esq.

My favorite quotes:
“Knowledge is the driving force that puts creative passion to work”~Maurice Sendak
“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching no matter how old you are” Nicos Chakas
Life is a game, play it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is an opportunity, capture it~unknown

To my students:
I am committed to constantly learning and growing.

To my clients:
I recognize the gravity of doing things right the first time and take pride in my work from start to finish~Nikki

Meet you at sunrise, at a coffee shop for a croissant and a cappuccino, or google meet.  Merci!

Contact me at: wordpress719@gmail.com

3 Silver Awards from The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the Hermes/ADDY® Awards in Dayton, Ohio

Philosophy requires Knowledge, a desire to understand, determination, and ability to learn.
Your journey starts Here...

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Creativity drives progress in every human endeavor, from the arts to the business, sciences, and technology. We must make every effort if we want to succeed in business and in our personal life.
On time, on budget and on task. I focus on results, simplicity, functionality, and you will be working directly with me. Experience produces reliable results in our industry.


Content is king, face it, it is true. Content marketing is knowledge, education, and offers value. Content is a way people interact with the world in any languages you speak. Content is based on the "what", "Where" "Why" and "When" doing it.

Content is King

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