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What AI can do for me?

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that involves the development of algorithms and computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as recognizing speech, images, and patterns, learning from experience, making decisions, and solving problems. AI is powered by complex mathematical models and algorithms that

Why Traveling is good for your soul

7 Reasons why traveling is good for your soul Opportunities  First of all, travel opens up a number of doors and opportunities for both young and old. A gift for your soul Most importantly, you will learn that traveling is a gift for your soul. Also, traveling will enhance your life experience. New connections Moreover,

Social Media Marketing

Thank you for the photo from roya-ann-miller-GGY3yYwu0Wc-unsplash.jpg social media marketing An effective social media marketing strategy drives engagement, traffic, and sales by promoting a product, brand, or service on social media platforms. Most importantly to achieve their marketing goals on social media, businesses can employ a variety of tactics and strategies. Content creation and sharing:

What do I need to know about Economics?

How are we involved in economics? We the people are involved in economics when we spend or receive money.  It is determined by the movement of money between individual people or groups of people like a corporation. What are three role of the main economic group? The producers The consumers The government The study of


Thank you for the Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash  Avoid catastrophe by separating Email (s) from your Website Hosting I know some of you don’t want to hear me say it, but please avoid catastrophe by keeping emails separate from your web hosting. Avoid complete shut down when your server fails.  Meaning your email (s)

A French Teacher

One of my students in Paris, France.  Learning a second language can also give you a deeper understanding of other cultures, apart from improving your chances of landing a good job or advancing in your career. A new language is a new life.  Une nouvelle langue est une nouvelle vie. French is the 5th most

Get your business up and running

This is How to Get Your Gig Economy, Business Up and Running There are ample opportunities ripe for the picking ambitious people looking to start their own gig-based business. Companies are looking to save money by hiring independent contractors and freelancers, and professionals are looking to work from home to achieve a better work-life balance

Create and Inspire

First, we listen, we comprehend, and then we create Working remotely on some great ideas with a construction company and it all starts with a thought and a conversation then these ideas are turning into a stunning creative fabulous design like: The road to success is always under construction~Man of steel Always focus on

Search Engine Optimization

Photographed by Carlos Muza~Thank you SEO, Search Engine Optimization How many components are there? Designing a website does not end there!!! So many other components to think about like your keywords. A single keyword vs long tail keyword.   Your title and your description! How many characters should you have? Your domain name has it