Before we meet, here are some questions to think about:

  1. Purpose and Goals:

    • What is the primary purpose of the website?
    • What are the specific goals you want to achieve with the website (e.g., increasing sales, generating leads, providing information)?
  2. Target Audience:

    • Who is the target audience or customer base for the website?
    • What are the demographics and characteristics of your ideal website visitors?
  3. Scope and Features:

    • What are the essential features and functionalities you want on the website?
    • Are there any specific interactive elements or third-party integrations required?
  4. Design Preferences:

    • Do you have any specific design preferences or brand guidelines that should be followed?
    • Are there any websites whose design you admire or wish to emulate?
  5. Content:

    • Do you have the content (text, images, videos) ready for the website?
    • Will you need assistance with content creation or sourcing visuals?
  6. Pages and Navigation:

    • What are the main pages you want on the website? (e.g., Home, About Us, Services, Contact, Blog)
    • How should the navigation be organized for a smooth user experience?
  7. Mobile and Responsive Design:

    • Is it important for the website to be mobile-friendly and responsive across different devices?
  8. SEO and Marketing:

    • Do you have any specific search engine optimization (SEO) requirements or online marketing strategies in mind?
  9. Timeline and Budget:

    • What is your desired timeline for completing the website?
    • Do you have a budget in mind for this project?
  10. Maintenance and Updates:

    • Who will be responsible for maintaining and updating the website after it’s launched?
  11. Competitors:

    • Are there any competitor websites you would like to benchmark against or differentiate from?
  12. E-commerce (if applicable):

    • If the website involves e-commerce, what are the specific requirements for product listings, payments, and shipping?
  13. Legal and Privacy:

    • Are there any legal considerations or privacy policies that need to be addressed on the website?
  14. Analytics and Tracking:

    • Do you want to integrate any analytics tools to track website performance and user behavior?
  15. Future Scaling:

    • Do you anticipate the website will require scalability for future growth?
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Bonjour Nikki,
Aujourd’hui. J’ai terminé mon dernier cours. Je suis venu dans ta classe, mais tu n’étais pas là.  Tu vas tellement me manquer!!! Mon diplôme est le 29 juin, j’aimerais que vous venez!!