Month: August 2019

A Freelance Web Designer

Why I choose a Freelance Web Designer and a teacher Because of years experience in the graphic design industry until everything got switch to web design.  An entrepreneur mainly dealt with the marketing, branding and building a list of clientele.  A retail buyer dealing with merchandising the department stores.   My passion is to focus on

Voice Recognition

Brick and Mortar will use facial recognition to track and collect customers data as they shop in their stores. In 2020, the voice recognition market will hit $601 million. Retail Stores has changed since I worked for the Elder-Beerman Stores Corporation, and a member of the National Retail Federation.  Who is the customer? Brick and

Digital Marketing

4 Main important things to know about Digital Marketing: The right message To the right people On the right platform and at the right time. Did you know, almost half the private-sector jobs in America comes from small businesses and a small business can thrive, even in a bad economy. How are you going to


Development My responsibility is the behind/backend scenes coding like HTML to make your website working for your business.   HTML is the standardized markup language to create documents on the web.  It’s the content on the webpage. This includes titles, headings, text and links. It is the most common and basic language used in website


It will take you years to build a reputation, but only seconds to destroy one. Branding is so important for your business, and it can increase your business value. Branding is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in the success and reputation of a company or product. Usually, there is always

The Purpose of Budgeting

Budget Before we even talk about Branding, Development (Website), and Marketing, have you design a budget an operating budget?   Being a buyer with having a budget of 1.5 million dollars for a major retail department store, Elder-Beerman Corporation and an entrepreneur I learned the key to start a business is planning, your purpose and