Search Engine Optimization

Photographed by Carlos Muza~Thank you

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

How many components are there?

Designing a website does not end there!!! So many other components to think about like your keywords.

  1. A single keyword vs long tail keyword.  
  2. Your title and your description! How many characters should you have?
  3. Your domain name has it been used before, was it a spam?
  4. Did you know Google collects over 200 signals from your website when determining how high to rank you and where to rank you?
  5. You want to make sure Google can easily crawl, and comprehend, and can properly index your website.
  6.  Have you checked your SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
  7.  How about your content, is it duplicated?

Due to Coronavirus, I will be available via Skype or google hangouts. Be safe, stay positive and never give up.

Ranking Factors is your site speed, quality content, number of links, and site structure.

Questions to ask:

  1. How much traffic is coming to my website?
  2. What sources are sending to me the most traffic?
  3. Which one are the most popular pages?
  4. What keywords visitors are searching to find my website?

How can I make it easy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to find my website?

  1. Understand your online customer.
  2. Use Keywords on your site
  3. Always refresh your content
  4. Gain links from other websites
  5. Include a meta description tag
  6. Speed your site
  7. Secure your site with HTTPS
  8. integrate your site with Social Media

On March 2020, I finished 110 lessons on SEO.  So many components to learn about Search Engines Optimization.

Google has a mission to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful.

Why SEO is important for a business?

SEO is important for business because:

  1. SEO pulls out traffic
  2. SEO works 24/7
  3. SEO increases sales and leads
  4. SEO improves your ROI
  5. SEO increases Brand awareness
  6. SEO increases your marketing strategy
  7. And SEO is one of the best PR Strategy