Passion is energy you bring

What is the Definition of Passion in business?

Passion to an entrepreneur means a strong drive to change an idea or a method into a profitable venture.  


Passion is how you are pursuing it and start bringing positive energy in your life, listen to your gut feeling and ignore your naysayer and keep pushing and keep moving forward.

Everyone learn’s differently but everyone has a passion with full of energy.

Most of us know how to add and subtract but most of us do not know how to multiply our investments. We know how to make multiple choice, but we struggle to make decision’s. We know how to analyze a poets voice, but we can’t express ourselves with precision. 

We learned about the human body, but not how to find ourself. We learned about the brain, but not about mental health. We learned about social media, but not how to use it. We learned about Fashion, but not how to style it. We learned about modes of transport, but not why travel makes us grow. We learned about new languages, but not until we learn our own language. We are happy overall, but only if we follow our passion, our energy.

We only live once, one life, one body find your passion, find your energy.

Reading can help you expand and your mindset and assist you in rising to the next level of consciousness and happiness. So many amazing books to read, to learn and to find our passion. Learn from the greatest teachers in finding your passion, and spirituality and apply what you learned in your life.


  1. Take action, don’t wait to be a perfectionist. I was married to a perfectionist where did it took us, no where? Success is taking action to the direction of your goals.
  2. Stop doubting yourself, If it doesn’t work at least you tried and stop finding excuses. Believe in yourself. What is your passion?
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone of us is unique.
  4. Praise yourself, I am creative, I am amazing, I bring energy…..
  5. Passion is not what you do, it’s how you do it.~Mel Robbins

Maybe you are looking your passion in the wrong way