Digital Marketing

4 Main important things to know about Digital Marketing:

  1. The right message
  2. To the right people
  3. On the right platform
  4. and at the right time.

Did you know, almost half the private-sector jobs in America comes from small businesses and a small business can thrive, even in a bad economy.

How are you going to create relationships with and satisfying customers?

Use market research to find customers. Brick and Mortar retailers are using technology tracking who is the customer entering their store.

According to eMarketer, global digital ad spending will rise 17% to $327 billion this year, with Google and Facebook leading the pack.

Try buffer social Its an app that lets you seamlessly schedule posts for your social media accounts, it  gives great tips on sharing , creating, and converting users into loyal readers with social media.  Of course there is a cost.

Develop perfect content and advertising strategies with Semrush

  1. See competitors’ best keywords
  2. Discover new organic competitors
  3. Observe position changes of domains


For my affiliates, I use SHAREASALE one of the best affiliate company.

The 6 P’s of marketing

  1. The Product, a physical product or a service you offer to the customer.
  2. The Price based on competition, industry, current trends, and your own predictions of sales.  ( we had to do a lot of that at Elder-Beerman Corporation)
  3. The Place, where you sell the product, distribution channels, and now delivered directly from the warehouse for the online stores.
  4. The Promotions, includes advertising ( we were constantly promoting merchandise ) sales, events, websites, ad idea, public relations.
  5. The Purpose, you got to know the “why” and the “what” before you distribute your marketing material or create it.
  6. The Persistence, The Customers, they could be your employees, internet bloggers, or people that love your product or services and they are talking about it. They will let you know if they like it or dislike it but you, be persistence because persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.

Website are great introduction to marketing