Why Traveling is good for your soul

7 Reasons why traveling is good for your soul

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First of all, travel opens up a number of doors and opportunities for both young and old.

A gift for your soul
Most importantly, you will learn that traveling is a gift for your soul. Also, traveling will enhance your life experience.

New connections
Moreover, you will feel more connected to the locals by visiting and staying or living in small towns and villages.  Additionally, you may be welcomed into the homes of the people you meet.

Write a Journal
Next, the people you meet will share stories about their families, their wars and struggles, and their happiness which will further enrich your knowledge and understanding of them.

A Botanist
Furthermore, they will introduce you to the unique  tradition of nature that you will not experience elsewhere.

Another key point, to understand the different cultures you are being educated about the world without being judgmental. Also, you will be exposed to local and global cultures that are unique.

A new language
Overall, You will learn new languages, as well make new friendships, experience local cuisines, beliefs, traditions, and lastly but not least, improve your understanding of history.


Is traveling a good thing?

Travel the world

Absolutely, traveling is a good thing because you will learn to research new ideas for your entrepreneurship, and you will be exploring the world away from your comfort zone.

Next, you will become innovative in solving hassles and problems.  Further, You will learn to brainstorm for an answer when and if you get stranded, miss a flight, or become ill from meal poisoning in an overseas country. Make sure you have international health insurance.

In addition, you will use the same answer for your business, “why, what, and how”.

Firstly, understanding the basics of economics can help all travelers to think more conscientiously about why things work differently in different countries. As a result, understanding the currency exchange rate determines a country’s level of economic health.

Without a doubt, exchange rates play a vital role in any country’s level of trade. Therefore, it is critical to a free market economy in the world.

Consequently, a higher-valued currency makes a country’s import cheaper, and its exports more expensive. As I have said, a higher exchange rate can worsen a country’s balance of trade, whereas a lower exchange rate could improve it.

Before you plan for your trip
Check the currency converter website: Xe Currency Converter

In any case, you will learn about planning.  After all, you will learn how to plan for your new adventure or plan a business trip.

Personal Finance /math:
Traveling is about math.  Thereforeyou will learn how to negotiate and bargain for the best price in a bazaar.  As well as balancing your budget, also you will gain knowledge about managing your bank account.

Geography and History:
Traveling is a typical form of education. Therefore, it is about geography and world history, and lastly, the locals will provide you the primary source of firsthand evidence.

You will be exposed to new ideas and new opportunities for your entrepreneurship business.  Consequently, you will learn not everyone has the same desires and the same goals. Explore the world, talk to people and learn from them, I did.

Why traveling
Traveling makes you more independent.  It helps you to rely on yourself. I learned to rely on myself before I ask for help. Although, asking for help is not a bad thing.

Meanwhile, you will explore the delicious, and not-so-delicious food from around the world instead of eating the same food every day.

Nevertheless, you will learn about appreciating the environment.

Why traveling is important:

Traveling is important because it makes you realize how much you don’t know and how close-minded you were living.  Expand your horizon in whatever form it will take you.

Traveling de-stresses you, especially when we put so much pressure on ourselves.

For the business traveler, traveling will improve your management skills in a good way.  What’s more, traveling is not only about your cash flow, it’s about the knowledge you will gain.

You will make memories when you travel without a doubt. Although the wars took away our belongings, but they could not take away our memories.

In conclusion, we will always have stories to share with the people we love.

A teacher, a mentor and a web designer.  

Let me know your thoughts? Merci!


Why traveling the world is amazing.

Traveling the world can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of our lives. The opportunity to explore new cultures, meet new people, and see new sights can broaden our horizons and change the way we see the world. In this article, we’ll explore why it is so important to travel the world and how it can enrich our lives in countless ways.

First and foremost, travel can expand our knowledge and understanding of the world. By experiencing new cultures and traditions, we can gain a deeper appreciation of the diversity of human experience. We can learn about different languages, foods, customs, and ways of life, which can help us become more tolerant, open-minded, and empathetic individuals. We can also learn about history and geography by visiting museums, monuments, and landmarks, which can give us a better understanding of the world’s past and present.

Travel can also be an opportunity to challenge ourselves and step outside our comfort zones. By navigating unfamiliar places, trying new foods, and communicating with people from different backgrounds, we can develop new skills and confidence. We can learn how to adapt to different situations, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. We can also learn how to be more independent and self-reliant, which can be invaluable in all areas of life.

Another benefit of travel is that it can help us break out of our routines and gain a fresh perspective on our lives. When we travel, we’re exposed to new ideas, lifestyles, and ways of thinking, which can inspire us to make changes in our own lives. We may return home with new hobbies, interests, or goals that we never would have considered before. We may also gain a new appreciation for our own cultures and traditions, as we see them from an outsider’s perspective.

Finally, travel can simply be a lot of fun! Exploring new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people can be incredibly rewarding and memorable. Travel can create lasting memories and connections that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. It can also provide us with a sense of adventure and excitement that is hard to replicate in our daily lives.

In conclusion, traveling the world is important for a multitude of reasons. It can broaden our horizons, challenge us, give us new perspectives, and simply be a lot of fun. Whether we’re traveling for work, study, or leisure, there’s always something to be gained from experiencing the world beyond our doorstep. So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and get ready for an adventure that could change your life forever!

It did to me.

My Travels

By traveling, people will gain a great amount of wisdom as it did to me.

Wherever I go, I always try to experience each town as locals do. I travel by plane or train. My travels started when I was a child and until after I had two wonderful boys.

Travel helped me to be more social.

Cyprus and Greece
Most importantly, in Cyprus, I like to eat Halloumi cheese with honey, Cypriot Trahana soup should not be missed, and Tahini dip, a taste of a 4000-year-old dessert wine called Commandaria produced in the Troodos mountains, and Greek coffee.

In fact, the best fish I had is in Greece and the best Feta cheese.

For breakfast in Paris, I will have chocolate croissant, French cappuccino, and charcuterie for lunch et oui, je parle le Français. The language of love. La langue de l’amour.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
I will have papaya and mango fruit, and Poulet à la Moambé in the Rep. Of The Congo.

Therefore, I lived in the African jungle of Kongolo. It is a town in the Tanganyika Province, located on the west bank of the Lualaba River, the largest headstream of the Congo River.

While French is the official language, I also learned to speak Swahili in Kongolo, and in Kinshasa, I learn to speak Lingala.

In addition to that, I had the opportunity to fly over Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Without a doubt, this was one of my best experiences.

England and Belgium
Certainly, I had to have the famous Fish and Chips in England, and then, I enjoyed the best Chocolate Côte D’or, French fries, and mussels in Belgium.


When I was in boarding school in Belgium for Christmas, my friends and I took the train from Belgium to Switzerland to learn how to ski.  In spite of this, I fell many times, but I never gave up.  I even skied in one of the mountains on top of the Alps.

How to be a part of the Old West.  We traveled to the Cherokee Park Dude Ranch where the Cherokee Indians traveled through this area in 1849 on their return from the Pacific while searching for a new settlement. Living the life of a cowboy/cowgirl.

New Orleans
A very delicious red beans and rice dish at the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans also, I suggest you try Beignets at Café Du Monde for breakfast.

For the perfect picnic, and sampling different wines, we traveled to V. Sattui’s stone winery in St. Helena, California.

We traveled to Sedona and for the first time, I had French fries from sweet potatoes, and for breakfast, I had toast with jam made from the cactus.

Now I reside in Arizona teaching French, Digital Media Fundamentals, Web design, World History, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.  Live it, you have one life.

In my travels, I learned to love international music. I felt more connected with the people.

When you travel, you will live history, and not only read history in the books of world history.

Lorsque vous voyagez, vous vivez l’histoire, et vous ne vous contentez pas de lire l’histoire dans les livres d’histoire mondiale.  

Especially, I like to say thanks to the photographers from Unsplash, Daryl Bleach, Floyd Kots, and Cyril Mazarin, and to all my new friends I met along the way for making my journeys unforgettable.


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Someone I admire Itchy Boots

Her name is Noraly.  Riding motorcycles and traveling the world are the two biggest passions of her life.

In 2018, she quit her job as a geologist, sold her belongings, and left The Netherlands permanently to live on the road.  In other words, not everybody can do what she is doing, but I must say, she is a brave lady.

Her first ride in South Africa:
Her first real ride on her Honda CRF250L  in South Africa!  Riding her motorcycle on her own and staying with local.  Also, she decides to leave the big city of Johannesburg and start riding North for a bit on the first asphalt and the first dirt road on South African soil.

Exchange knowledge:
Overall, we will exchange knowledge with others as we learn from them, too.

Her blog: https://www.itchyboots.com

In the second episode, she is leaving Bulungula, South Africa’s wild coast. She is making her way to a tiny place called Hogsback, in the misty mountains of South Africa. On the way, something unexpected happened, both for her and a group of local girls!  Check it out?

In other words, Nothing Beats Experience

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